For cyclists by cyclists.

We engineer, design and test our high-quality products ourselves thoroughly in the Swiss Alps, and only if we fall in love with them, we share them with you. We don’t see our products simply as a piece of material with only one dedicated purpose. We rather want to create outstanding products, which support you in achieving your most ambitious goals and bring you long lasting joy.

We handpick our manufacturers carefully. We only select suppliers, which offer high quality craftsmanship, fair working conditions and are primarily based in Europe, to ensure short, environmentally friendly supply chains.

We want to start a movement to encourage all kinds of cyclists to climb the scenic passes, especially if you normally ride on flat terrain. So call your friends to plan your next tour and experience an unforgettable adventure together! 

However, we often take bicycles for granted and forget that they are a scarce commodity in rural regions of developing countries. Therefore, we have decided to support World Bicycle Relief in order to help people to attend school, receiving healthcare, and delivering goods to market. World Bicycle Relief mobilizes individuals, their families, and entire communities to thrive through The Power of Bicycles. We are happy to support this good cause and pledge to donate one life-changing Buffalo Bicycle worth 147 CHF for every 100th order. 

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Video Credits by World Bicycle Relief